AO — Creating a buzz for the home of electricals

AO has been a UK household name for over 20 years, as the online destination for home electricals. They came to us to help refresh and digitise their brand, marking an intentional shift from functional retailer, to loved brand — full of their culture and personality. 
        After spending time with their team headquartered in Bolton, we fell in love with their infectious energy and dedication. More than just a cheeky acronym, we defined the idea ‘Always On’ to power every aspect of the brand. 
        We gave the iconic smile a facelift, and developed a simple graphic system that works in both 2D and 3D. It’s all designed for flexing across the entire customer experience — from digital to advertising, uniforms to vans, printed matter to 3D product sets. To fully capture AO’s distinctive warmth through every touchpoint, we worked with Foundry F37 to craft a bespoke typeface full of ‘friendly’ ligatures and glyphs. 
        In the year of launch, saw a traffic increase of 83%. Since then, AO has gained over 5 million new customers, and recycled nearly 6 million products.  

        Campbell Butler
        Pamm Hong
        Michel Sfeir
        Lexie Vryoni
        Vitor Cervi
        Daniel Rous
        Tom Bennett
        F37 Foundry

       It’s Nice That
       Design Week

        Transform Awards 2021 — Silver



London, UK