BRAE — A restaurant designed to change with the seasons
Led by chef Dan Hunter, Brae is a restaurant, organic farm and boutique accommodation located in a hillside in Birregurra, Victoria.   
       Each morning, Brae’s team of gardeners gathers a harvest for that day’s service – resulting in a daily changing menu and an innovative approach that reflects a strong sense of place. Needless to say, the seasons and the surrounding environment play an instrumental role in the overall experience. 
       On the surface, the identity is simple — quiet typography and a seasonal colour palette is juxtaposed against a distinctive series of still life photographs by Scottie Cameron. Delicate printing details speak to a heightened level of craft and consideration, while the colour and materiality provide an earthy sensibility. Each tone was carefully selected, designed to change with the seasons across both photography and paper stock used for the daily changing menus.

        Studio Round
        Michaela Webb
        Scottie Cameron




London, UK