CAREEM — From ride hailing to super app

Careem began life as an energetic, disruptive startup in Dubai. Pioneers of the ride-hailing economy in the Middle East, over the next decade they expanded into 14 countries and emerged as the region's first unicorn. Careem had always been known as the charming brand with a local feel and cheeky wink, but as the company grew, the brand needed to mature. Careem came to us with a huge ambition: to go from ride hailing, to the Middle East's first Super App. 
        Our strategic approach was to evolve from a functional brand to an emotional one. Reflecting founder Mudassir Sheikha’s original vision, we defined the strategic idea: ‘We Unlock Possible.’ From unlocking possible in the everyday, to unlocking bigger possibilities in the region — Careem is there to make it happen.
        We brought this vision to life through a sophisticated, dynamic graphic system, without losing Careem’s soul and personality. A series of “unlocking” shapes flex across the entire brand and its breadth of services. We crafted a bespoke English and Arabic typeface, and refreshed the iconic logo to be bolder, with a renewed sense of momentum. We worked closely with Careem’s digital teams to develop a completely new digital design system.
        Our work with Careem embeds the customer within the experience, ultimately helping Careem become part of daily life. Making the little things easier — all adding up to create larger momentum and progress across the region.

        Careem Creative Studio
        Sara Martin
        Nina Fitzpatrick
        Lexie Vryoni
        Tomas Gecim     
        Charlie Keeper
        Hayden Shields
        Jon Orr



London, UK