CHOCO — Helping the food industry find its flow
Choco is a Berlin-based startup with a huge mission: to lead the world’s transition towards sustainable food systems. Starting by tackling everyday processes — reducing food waste in the hospitality industry by helping chefs and suppliers streamline their ordering. Helping them communicate more easily, more quickly, with less screw ups.
        We spent time getting to know the Choco team, with their contagious spirit and 150% commitment to the bigger mission. Their entrepreneurial drive matched their no-bullshit attitude, and we knew this had to come through in the brand.
        The entire brand is inspired by the simplicity of what Choco does – optimising everyday processes so systems can flow. Seamlessly, smoothly, no hiccups. It’s all is designed to feel like it never stops, with every element evoking a sense of flow and ease. The tone of voice is straight talking, like a chef in the middle of a 10-hour shift. Illustrations satisfyingly loop and repeat. The app itself is super stripped back and easy to use — a huge selling point for chefs and suppliers used to scribbling orders on the back of napkins at 2am. 
        Choco’s confident new brand brought more users on board, leading to less errors and food waste across the globe — and getting Choco one step closer to their vision. They now work with more than 15,000 chefs and 10,000 suppliers, receiving more than 500,000 orders per month across Europe and the US.

        Eric Ng
        Roshan Kumar
        Eugene Lee
        Steph Wright
        Vitor Cervi
        Lucy Aebischer
        Natalie Hart     




London, UK