EARL — A celebration of craftsmanship
Product designer Daniel Rous created Earl in 2015 in collaboration with northern Italian manufacturers Piaval S.r.l.
       Earl is a sustainably sourced beech collection of chairs, including a cafe chair, armchair and high bar stool. The collection is designed with an architectural rigor in both construction and proportion, and distinguished by distinctively shaped backrest and legs. This lightweight and stackable wooden chair is ideal for home and commercial settings, particulary cafes and restaurants.
       Originally showcased at London Design Festival 2015, as part of a pop-up tea cafe and installation, I worked with Daniel and Piaval to create a name, mark and film to capture the spirit of Earl and the beautiful craftsmanship that went into its production. 

       Piaval S.r.l. 
       Daniel Rous
       Shek Po Kwan
       Riccardo Fontanel




London, UK