LEC FINALS: MALMO — The return of the LEC finals

Malmö. 11th September 2022. Crowds 15,000 strong are crammed into a stadium — excitement and anticipation fill the air. Fans have waited almost 3 years for this moment to arrive. The return of the LEC Finals as a live spectacle.
        The optimistic energy of the endless Nordic summer sunlight inspired our idea of ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’, a distinct treatment of the original LEC brand we created back in 2018. We built a 3D model of the sun and solar system to capture the midnight sun’s hazy atmosphere, creating moments of total illumination, and other moments cast into eclipsed darkness. Data-centric elements like scores and stats were inspired by space cartography, lending a technical layer to the system.
‍        That hazy texture allowed us to create an optimistic festival feeling that brought the unshakable LEC community together, after a long time forced to participate in pandemic-induced online-only events. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the physicality of the finals event, an experience that could bridge both digital broadcast and in-stadium screens.

        Vinay Mistry
        Sam Smith
        Vitor Cervi
        Charlie Keeper
        Emily Ryder
        Tomas Gecim
        Jon Orr




London, UK