LIDO — A cinema designed for cinephiles
Lido Cinemas has somewhat of a cult following in Melbourne, Australia. Family owned and operated, it occupies an iconic theatre building built in 1912. Over the decades, the building has seen a rich history of art, dance, music and debauchery. In 2013 it was carefully renovated, while retaining original features and its eccentric maze of spaces. 
        Today, Lido houses a contemporary cinema, rooftop cinema, cafe, and jazz room. They screen new release blockbusters and art house films, alongside cult retrospectives, creating an eclectic mashup of old and new. But one thing ties it all together — a love of great film, and the dialogue that surrounds it. 
        We set out to create an identity that positions Lido as not just an entertainment space — but one for dialogue and discussion. A place for true film lovers. Using classic visual and verbal cues from film (projections, scripts, credits, opening titles) we created a type-centric toolkit with a slightly nostalgic feel. The wordmark distorts as if projected onto a screen, fading in and out in different moments. Iconic dialogue from cult classics is used across touchpoints, giving every Lido visitor something to talk about. 

        Studio Round
        Michaela Webb




London, UK