NECTAR — Giving loyalty new life

As the UK’s largest loyalty scheme, Nectar’s been a familiar name for years. But it was feeling old and dusty, and time to evolve from the age of printed coupons into the world of digital shopping. With an ambition to rethink customer loyalty and have its own personality in a sea of partner brands, we worked with Nectar to “wake up” its 18 million users and give them a reason to re-engage.
        We brought Nectar to life, reinvigorating the iconic purple droplet. The new logo is characterful and energetic, full of cheeky expression. With an irreverent tone of voice and playful art direction that’s instantly recognisable as Nectar’s 3D world, the brand now holds its own amongst 500+ coalition partners.
        The new identity is an evolution of the ubiquitous Nectar brand reimagined for a modern, digital-first, UK audience. It’s designed to be distinctive and interactive – offering the digital shopper a holistic, vibrant experience and positioning the brand as both helpful and playful.
        New Nectar launched overnight in every Sainsbury’s store in the country, mirroring the confidence of the new brand. Within 6 months, 6m+ people had adopted the new brand and app. As of March 2023, the program had 18 million members, out of which 11 million were its digital users. Today, it’s the UK’s largest, most engaged with and most recognised multi-partner loyalty programme.

        Fred North
        Carmen Dowling
        Daisy Handley
        Joe Hewitt
        Natalie Hart



London, UK