RIOT GAMES CH (LPL) — Bringing LPL’s unapolagetic attitude to the world

LPL is the pro league for League of Legends in China — and the world’s largest. 17 teams, physical arenas around the country, and an incredible infrastructure of next generation development leagues. Known for their rule-breaking play style on the rift, the LPL brand was stuck adopting cliches from the traditional sports world in an effort to build credibility. They came to us to help them harness their individuality — creating a brand that would help garner respect as a true esports icon. 
        We dove into LPL's community and culture, searching for what made them different from every other pro league around the world. We discovered a distinct fearlessness — both on and off the rift. Breaking rules and defining a new meta. Going all-in during 1v5 battles. Fans shouting "加油!" ("Pour oil on the fire") during every game.
        To some, their approach is considered madness. But to the LPL, it’s genius. It’s unpredictable, intense, innovative, fierce, wild, and always one step ahead. Every season, they’re pushing every limit and breaking every boundary. It’s not just a state of play — it’s a state of mind. There’s only one way to describe it. We defined 'Crazy is Our Game' as their spirit — a proud statement that speaks to the bold mindset of the LPL players and community. 
        We brought this attitude to life through two key behaviours — Tension and Eruption — throughout the visual system, with an ability to flex between moments of calm and absolute chaos. Elements arrogantly take up space, and a custom bilingual typeface commands attention. The new toolkit connects all aspects of the league and its multiple touchpoints – from print to merchandise, broadcast to arena experiences, and beyond.

        Chrysostomos Naselos
        Pamm Hong
        Vitor Cervi
        Chris Van Neikerk
        Tomas Gecim
        Roshan Kumar
        Charlie Keeper
        Paddy Blake
        Simon Schrieber
        Bianca Kehoe



Once we had established the visual language for the pro league, we helped LPL create a secondary toolkit for their Development League (LDL) — a semi-pro league dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent. Just as fearless, but with a scrappier, less polished edge. 

Finally, we helped craft a custom animated logo for the LPL Hall of Fame — a part of the league dedicated to honoring the most iconic players when they retire from professional play. Using the core LPL brand as a starting point, we added an extra layer of materiality and dimension, crafting an over the top, impressive mark for the League's pantheon of players. 


London, UK