RIOT GAMES KR (LCK) — A new beginning for the origin of esports   
LCK. Riot’s Korean league, and the origin of esports. It’s got a colossal history; the birth of internet cafe gaming culture, producing League of Legend’s best players, the most international wins, and the most precise, highest levels of gameplay. But they were stuck — held back by their gloried past. LCK came to us to help forge a new era for the league, and tell a richer story beyond performance. 
          With a history as monumental as LCK’s, we defined a core spirit: ‘We Make Legends’, putting storytelling at the heart of the league. Inspiring them to not only celebrate their legendary players, but legendary stories — of victory, defeat and every epic moment in between. This was supported by an underlying attitude of ‘Godlike’: a nod to the game for those who know, but also a spirit that positions LCK on a tier above. 
          The new logo is a confident evolution, a precise symbol matching their technical gameplay, yet building on their heritage. The entire visual system is designed to create a sense of awe, atmosphere and anticipation. Monolithic columns bear stories of past and future. Elements are minimal, manifesting the confidence of a legendary icon that doesn’t need to shout. The broadcast experience uses scale and depth to create an atmospheric realm, existing above the rest. To celebrate the most epic moments of all, a stylised Nexus crystal explodes across the screen.
        The new brand restored the league’s confidence both at home and internationally — immediately after launching, LCK reclaimed their world title. With or without the epic comeback, LCK is ready for a new era. 

       Campbell Butler
       Vitor Cervi
       Rūta Paškevičiūtė
       Tomas Gecim
       Ella Johnston
       Pamm Hong
       Sam Vacquier
       Rich Coldicott
       Jon Orr


       Design Week
       esports insider


London, UK