SENDWAVE — Money transfer for the world’s migrant community

Founded in 2014, Sendwave is a digital platform offering money transfers from North America and Europe to those in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Primarily built for migrants, Sendwave aims to make sending money as easy as sending a text message.
        Sendwave is a decentralised company, with no fixed headquarters, and team members from all over the world, many of them first or second generation migrants themselves. This unique culture gives Sendwave a deep understanding of their community — and a fierce pride and loyalty towards their users, making sure every single aspect of the experience is looking out for them. This led us to define the core brand spirit: “In Your Corner”, perfectly encompassing everything that makes them special. By the diaspora, for the diaspora.  
        Retaining the warmth and empathy from their previous identity, we brough a refreshed maturity to the new brand, evoking the solidarity and dependability of someone who is truly in your corner. At the centre of the system is a symbol, elegantly referencing Sendwave’s ability to link communities across the world with ease. ‘Sendwaves’ become the main graphic device, uplifting and active, designed to match the energy of the community — matching the emotion of all the reasons users might be sending to friends and family. We crafted a typeface full of custom glyphs, wavy curves, warmth and charm, tying it into the wider visual language. 
        Throughout the entire process, we worked hand in hand with Sendwave teams, and ran workshops with Sendwave communities, checking in at every stage to make sure the brand kept them at the heart.  

       Lorenzo di Cola
       Bianca Kehoe
       Joni Kirton
       Emilia Gribbin
       Connor Bannister
       Harold Bennett
       Florian Karsten

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London, UK