ZEOS — Unlocking Europe’s fashion & lifestyle logistics

European online retail giant Zalando needed our help to build a new B2B brand from the ground up. The concept is simple yet transformative: taking care of intricate and complex logistics across Europe, giving brands a solution that simplifies and fulfills multi-channel sales. All in one place, on one unified platform. 
        Leveraging Zalando’s pan-European infrastructure, innovative technology, and fashion expertise, we helped create the name ZEOS (Zalando E-commerce Operating System) and defined its unique positioning — “Europe, Unlocked”.
        With a new name and clear story, we turned our attention to bringing ZEOS to life, with the brand idea “Minimise to maximise”. Everything in the toolkit was designed to express the radical simplicity ZEOS offers, playing with modularity, and extreme contrasts of scale and detail. Our graphic language, born out of the Z symbol itself, emphasises this minimised state, expanding to grow to its maximum potential. 
        We worked closely with the ZEOS team to create every asset and touchpoint needed for launch — including the website, a capsule collection of streetwear, a launch film, pitch decks and animated environmental graphics. ZEOS launched in October 2023 to great success, positioning them as an truly innovative industry leader.

        Rahul Ramanuj
        Joni Kirton
        Tomas Gecim
        Hayden Shields
        Emma Roberts
        Charlotte Francis
        Roshan Kumar
        Jordan Sheldrick-Devine
        Dominique Lecchi
        Jon Orr

       Zalando introduces ZEOS

ZEOS isn’t just another logistics company — as part of Zalando, they have deep expertise in fashion and lifestyle. So when it came time to launch ZEOS internally and to close partners, we worked with them to create a series of limited edition streetwear pieces. One piece in was the first in a “European Artist Series”, where we invited Spanish born artist Jose Mendez to visually interpret “Europe, Unlocked”.  The result was a limited run, screenprinted tshirt that nearly caused riots in the ZEOS offices. 

To launch ZEOS across Europe, we helped internal teams create a series of simple shorts that cut to the point and help businesses quickly understand what ZEOS can offer them. We superimposed our modular visual language into everyday European street scenes, and created an extensive messaging framework to use across the campaign. 



London, UK